„… a young musician, who has the potential to become a great name … When we listened to his music the first time, we couldn't believe that he is only 19 years old. It's unbelievable that he came up with something that unique at this young age. The fascinating thing about Desmond Myers’ music is: No song sounds like the next one. Here it sounds like singer songwriter, then it's more rock. Suddenly he starts to rap, then again electronic elements … His songwriting skills are outstanding, and finally there is that phenomenal voice …“
Dagmar Golle, Bayern 3 radiostation

Listen: „Ein ‚Bavarican‘ in Regensburg“
Desmond Myers at the Bayern 3 Newcomershow

The Enemy Lovers
The Enemy Lovers are a 4-piece band from Asheville, North Carolina. We love their highly energetic live show and their “out of control” behavior. It’s guitar driven rock and roll with a 60’s undertone, but not retro by any means. It’s American rock & roll at it’s best, a new sound that inspires. – Punk’s not dead
Straight for No. 1.
Paper Tongues, a rock band out of North Carolina, are slated to bring their unique sound to the scene in 2011. Their music is innovative -- it blends a mix of rock 'n' roll with catchy melodies and spurts of hip-hop, soul, pop and punk -- and with 'American Idol' judge Randy Jackson as their manager, Paper Tongues may be headed straight for No. 1.
Essential Listening: 'Trinity'

By Amanda Hensel, site.amoctone.com/…

"If the Beastie Boys partnered with Eminem and asked Mutemath to back them up, they would get Paper Tongues." – Beatcrave

signs with Elephantom for their debut album which will be released 2013.

It’s pop… the true meaning of pop
International, composed, free, rock and roll
They love all kinds of music styles and genres that they express through their own sound.
It’s organic, electronic, experimental and original. They use all kinds of instruments and technology to create their sounds. It’s pop… the true meaning of pop.
It sounds familiar and challenging at the same time. Some songs take a couple listens until they are familiarized. Other songs move from the 1st listen on.
All their compositions have one thing in common: They are all inspired and carry a mysterious depth of sound & spirituality.


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You’ve got to give it up!
So this Thursday is December 30, the night before New Years Eve!  We’re bringing back out the drums for a special high energy show. It’s our thursday “New Years Special” at Stella’s. It starts at 9pm and it’s free.  There will be loud music, lots of energy and drinks to toast!  A New Years Eve’s EVE (the night before news years eve) Bash to celebrate the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one.
We’d like to toast the new year with these lyrics from “Be What You Need” (one of our new songs) – “Make your bet, between your heart and head.  Youʼve got to be brave these days, youʼve got to be strong know this.  Hearts always win, Hearts always win. Even after giving in, your heart always wins.  Itʼs been so long, itʼs been so dark.  Itʼs been so wrong, itʼs been so hard.  Whatʼs done is done is done is done, youʼve got to give it up Youʼve got to give it up Youʼve got to give it up Youʼve got to give it up Youʼve got to give it up YOU’VE GOT TO GIVE IT UP!!!!”
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Desmond Myers
This is a true talent, a natural, and the kind of person that you don’t need to teach much. He’s a poet, a songwriter, a composer and a hopeless romantic. This is true music, coming from a person that breathes art. You never know what to expect. He’s a true cross over artist that found a way to express all his inspirations through his own original sound.

We believe in our community both locally and around the world
Our band is built around the fact that music should be open, accessible, and unaffected by corporate interests. It is our goal as a band to create inspiring music that is a catalyst for your own creation. We want to lift you out of everyday life into something new. Just how a public radio program in the morning in traffic can take you to another place - we want to create a moment with you…
…We believe in our community both locally and around the world. Help us to create something amazing - it will come back to you, we promise.
Essential Listening: 'Trinity'

Love, Public Radio, www.kickstarter.com/…

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Public Radio
This is songwriting at it’s best. Amazing lyrics and melodies are the foundation of this band. The music is so emotionally moving yet somehow lifts you up to enjoy life. They carry the energy of a garage punk band and the depth of a poet that is dead. They pour every bit of their heart and soul into their music and you can feel that with every listen. It’s fresh and new. It’s electro rock in a different light.

Ok, first of all; this is a really creative band that you have to check out! Listen to the wall of sound carefully and discover unfamiliar textures and new noises… Never seen this kind of people before? These are people that live inside the music. They are world changers. They choose to carry the music & love to the places where it needs to go… even if it means for them to sacrifice the luxuries of our 1st world… inspiring.

Paper Tongues
This is a 7 piece stadium rock band, recently signed with Universal USA. Mixing Hip-Hop and Rock is their specialty. Strong song writing, big choruses, powerful beats and huge guitar lines are what make this music bounce! There’s no telling how this band is going to change the face of rock and roll!

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